Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership

Freight forwarders/ logistics firms which belong to APT have the legal right to issue the ‘FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading’. It stands out as a transferable document which can be negotiated in banks throughout the world, an asset to import and export companies of Mauritius. The responsibility of printing and distributing the ‘FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading’ rests upon the ‘Association Professionnelle des Transitaires’ (Association of Professional Freight Forwarders) in Mauritius.   APT ensures through the dissemination of information that its members are kept abreast of the latest developments in the industry in a growing number of fields (electronic technology, changes in the import or export rules & regulations in different countries, cargo security controls…) Changes in rules and regulations are constant. We constantly update our members in a timely manner by scanning information from national and international sources.   APT sets up regular training courses not only targeting new recruits but also, to enable those already in employment to further their skills and career opportunities. Courses in management, dangerous goods, and other specialist subjects are run throughout the year.

Contribution to the economy

Members of the ‘Association Professionnelle des Transitaires’ have been instrumental in the diversification of the export markets of Mauritius through their in-depth knowledge of international regulatory practices and foreign customs requirements.  If textile products from that island have earned a reputation for quality, the contribution of the freight forwarders of Mauritius needs to be commended. They have toiled hard to ensure timely delivery with the most cost-effective modes of transportation.  Since its launch in 1976, APT has played an active role in framing and improving a business environment conducive to the movement of goods both from and to Mauritius.

Membership criteria

Applications to become members of the ‘Association Professionnelle des Transitaires’ (Association of Professional Freight Forwarders of Mauritius) are welcome.  To qualify as a member, the prospective freight forwarding or logistics firm must comply with two criteria:  It must hold a ‘Freight Forwarding Licence’ issued by the Customs Department of the Mauritius Revenue Authority and justify at least two years of business within the Republic of Mauritius.  And its application must be sponsored by the directors of two current members of our association.    An annual subscription will be charged.


Would you like to become an active member of APT Mauritius? If you meet the criteria, drop us a line about yourself.

Customs clearance

APT members ensure that the goods comply with customs export or import documentation regulations. We will advise our customers on the entry and admissibility of different categories of products in foreign countries, their classification and valuation, the payment of any duty, tax or other charge as well as refund or rebate schemes available.

Health & sanitary issues

APT members advise importers and exporters of plants, fish and food, about the different criteria to be fulfilled.  The import in Mauritius of Plants or Plant Parts (seeds, cuttings, cut flowers, fruits…) for personal or commercial use is regulated by the Plant Protection Act 2006.   Furthermore, a ‘Plant Import Permit’ is also required for importation of second hand agricultural equipment, tools and machinery.   Concerning fish and fish products, whether imported or exported, they have to abide by strict veterinary and health norms.  


In addition to warehousing facilities for the storage of dry goods and cold rooms for frozen goods in Mauritius, APT members offer an array of warehousing facilities across the world through their network of agents.   The international supply chain and activities of importers as well as exporters are enhanced. APT members can arrange for products to be re-packed, bulk-broken, re-assorted and containerized anywhere in the world at the customer’s request.   APT members ensure the timely and efficient door-to-door movement of goods from one country to another or several states.