Association Professionnelle des Transitaires - APT MAURITIUS
FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading
Freight forwarders/ logistics firms which belong to APT have the legal right to issue the 'FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading'.
Association Professionnelle des Transitaires - APT MAURITIUS
Contribution to the economy
Members of the 'Association Professionnelle des Transitaires' have been instrumental in the diversification of the export markets of Mauritius through their in-depth knowledge of international regulatory practices and foreign customs requirements.
Association Professionnelle des Transitaires - APT MAURITIUS
Membership criteria
To qualify as a member, the prospective freight forwarding or logistics firm must comply with two criteria: It must hold a 'Freight Forwarding Licence' issued by the Customs Department of the Mauritius Revenue Authority and justify at least two years of business within the Republic of Mauritius.


Association Professionnelle des Transitaires

Welcome to the Association Professionnelle des Transitaires – APT MAURITIUS (Professional Association of Freight Forwarders).

aunched since 1976, has been working closely with different parastatal institutions and government bodies such as customs, ministries of trade, health, agriculture etc, and also dealing with port and airport issues and also with international bodies such as FIATA, IATA to name a few.

APT ensures through the dissemination of information that its members are kept abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Message of the President

APT has a team that provides abundant opportunities

It is an honour for me to have been chosen to be the President of the APT ‘ASSOCIATION PROFESSIONNELLE DES TRANSITAIRES’ of Mauritius. With the help and dedicated assistance of each member, we will continue the great work achieved so far by previous presidents and fellowmembers of this association.


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Guys from APT are real professionals. They did not only helped me to resolve my issues, but also showed me some directions how I can develop and expand my business. I am very pleased with the outcome.
Julia Willams
APT Member
APT experts made a detailed analysis about my business. I used their Audit & Accounting service as well as Risk management one, and I followed all the recommendations.
Shon Robert
APT Member
I own my Freight Forwarder Company and I needed some help how to deal with taxes. As a Member, I got full assistance from APT.
Adam Li


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