Message of the President

Message of the President of APT

It is an honour for me to have been chosen to be the President of the APT ‘ASSOCIATION
PROFESSIONNELLE DES TRANSITAIRES’ of Mauritius. With the help and dedicated assistance of each
member, we will continue the great work achieved so far by previous presidents and fellow
members of this association.
With the arrival of COVID -19 nearly two years ago, our sector has known some serious challenges
since March 2020, and we are still facing serious issues which are affecting our industry. Our first
battle we won was that we managed to make our sector being recognised as an essential service
during the first lockdown under the Presidency of Mr Amil Emamdeen. Thus, though we were
working from home, we managed to keep imports coming in for our country. Shipping lines and air
lines have increased their rates considerably and we have noticed the decrease in terms of
businesses from local importers and exporters. Many companies closed down and we are not yet
out of the water, but we keep struggling together as we face new challenges being imposed by
shipping lines.

Teamwork is very important and without my team, nothing would have been possible. APT has a
team that provides abundant opportunities to learn, teach, mentor, and share top quality advice and
information. A team that who looks forward to the growth of our industry and the progress of our
country. There are so many things that APT does which are not recognised and even known to the
public but as long as it is being favourable to our industry and for the country, we keep doing what
we are here for.
The changes around us—whether social, political, technological, scientific, economic or
otherwise—require that we help our clients navigate through new and increasingly complex
challenges, which profoundly impact the companies for which we work, our communities, and our
I'm proud of our Chapter's successes over the last year, particularly in providing more opportunities
for meaningful engagement of our members and partners, introducing innovative solutions and
topics, and providing professional development and outreach opportunities.  In the year ahead, we
will continue these initiatives, as well as adding more training for our members.
Thank you, members, for your continued participation and dedication towards APT. Together, we
will make it.


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